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Over the course of the series, he has been shown to put the needs of others before his own.This is seen when he takes co-worker Ethan Chang to hospital following his shooting by a tweaker and when he obtains the money needed for Emma's lung transplant surgery.Dylan easily overpowered his younger brother, and he threatened to hurt Norman "bad" if he ever struck again.Nevertheless, Norman grabbed a meat tenderizer and swung it at Dylan, who evaded it and gave Norman a black eye.Dylan was born to Norma and her brother Caleb as the latter would rape her every day from when she was 13 until the time he left home.His mother met John Massett when she was pregnant with Dylan and they married out of high school.Also, Dylan reminded Norman of how he tried to kill him the other night, but Norman had no recollection of their fight.Their conversation ended by them agreeing on how screwed up their family is.

He has bright blue eyes with sort of tan-ish colored skin and dark blonde hair.

The next day, Dylan found out that his new job is guarding a marijuana field (the one which Norman and Emma Decody had previously discovered).

After getting back from work, Dylan advised Norman to be more independent from Norma, saying that their relationship is unhealthy and that he should get out more.

After failing to live independently, Dylan showed up at Norma's doorstep, saying that he has no other place to stay.

She and Norman were visibly unhappy with his arrival, and he later blackmailed Norma so he could stay living there.

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