What is an updating function

The HF/50MHz All-mode transceiver TS-480HX/SAT firmware has been updated from Version 1.06 to Version 1.07 as follows.

We are offering the firmware updating program to the TS-480HX/SAT owners.

Enables use of the new Split-frequency function for quick split operations.

If you do not have log-in access you can create one using the information on this email, please click A payment of .00 including GST must accompany all documents requesting an ownership change.

You can update the TS-480HX/SAT firmware by connecting the TS-480HX/SAT to the PC by using an RS-232C cable.

When the KENWOOD HF/6m linear amplifier TL-933 (only for Japanese market) is connected and the TL-933's [TUNE] button is pressed and the TL-933's automatic antenna tuning is completed, receiving audio from the TS-480HX/SAT is muted on rare occasions.

By pressing [SPLIT] Power On, after the Power-on message appears, a decimal point blinks a few times at the left of the main 7-segment display.

The function can be deactivated by Powering Off and then pressing [SPLIT] Power On again.

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When the Noise Blanker is set to OFF, pressing and holding the [NB(LEV)] key enables NB1 and NB2 to be set to ON at the same time.

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