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Those who have been inspired by Wayne will fight on.‘He will be sadly missed by so many.

My heart goes out to Krissie [Clark, PAMS co-founder], his family, and all who have been privileged to know and work with him.’When he began he had to battle against high level government interference and the courts turning a blind eye as they saw the rights of an individual over wildlife.

” referring to Haiti, El Salvador and African countries.

Andrea Crosta, Executive Director of the Elephant Action League, said: ‘We lost one of the best conservationists in Africa and a good friend in Wayne.‘Thousands of elephants in Tanzania and elsewhere owe him their life’ she said.

Homosexuality is a criminal offence in the East African nation, where a conviction for having “carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature” can carry a life sentence.

The woman, who police said resides in the northwestern Tanzanian town of Geita, was arrested after a video circulated on social media showing a woman kissing and hugging another woman and presenting her with a ring.

Tanzanian president John Magufuli’s government has stepped up a crackdown against homosexuality since coming into power in 2015 and threatened in June to arrest and expel activists, as well as deregister all non-governmental organisations that campaign for gay rights.

In October, authorities in the main city Dar es Salaam raided a meeting at a hotel, saying the gathering was promoting same-sex relationships, and arrested at least 12 men.

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