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The hospital has four ambulatory vehicles to travel to your farm or home.

A few of the field services include: Arizona Equine provides responsive services 24/7 for your equine partner.

The majority of the premolars and molars cannot be examined without a speculum.

Dentistry is a critical facet of your horse’s overall health and quality of life.

The acupoint connective tissue represents a different configuration when compared to the rest of the horse’s skin.

Stimulation of acupoints can induce the release of β – endorphin, serotonin and other neurotransmitters.

Corrective work on wave, shear, hooks, ramps, parrot mouth, and all dental abnormalities are routinely addressed.

Our doctors employ local anesthesia, nerve blocks, anti-inflammatories, and sedation for pain management.

Arizona Equine has four compassionate veterinarians and three experienced veterinary technicians readily available to help you and your horse The adult horse has approximately 36 to 44 teeth.Acupuncture is the stimulation of a specific site with a specific method, with the goal of a therapeutic homeostatic effect.The specific point on the horse’s body is called an acupuncture point (acupoint).What are some of the signs that your horse is experiencing dental problems?Signs include poor performance, weight loss, head tossing, inability to collect, stay collected or hold the correct lead, dropping/quidding feed, reluctance to turn to one side or another, and opening their mouth while carrying the bit.

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The number of teeth can be dependent on the breed of the horse and sex.

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