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They also said that since we might be on TV we couldn’t have logos on our clothes. People wondered if Demi would visit or be in the show but she wasn’t there.We turned our shirts around and/or turned them backwards. She still is going to out patient treatment and Disney has said they will give her all the time she needs to get better!We have met Demi a few times and found her to be very sweet and caring.We believe that she was very hurt by mean people and had some problems that she needed professionals to help her with.The first skit was with two kids in a kitchen and TONY HAWK and Doug Brochu are Lunch Ladies, in dresses wigs and hairnets. One weird thing about So Random is that Chad Dylan Cooper is a regular now! They did a really funny skit where Chad was dressed like a crazy , Samari bank robber and the So Random Cast were Ninjas but they were safety minded Ninjas so they had to put on their helmets, then their shin guards, then their full body padding. All this time, Chad’s character is waiting to fight them.. One was a music video where Doug and Brandon wanted to make wearing socks with sandals cool! Tiffany and Sterling were in this one but we didn’t recognize the other housewives…. He would “brag” about things, but each thing was some thing he failed at. They have the date of the show as the serial number 02022011 It also says Season Three 2011 and the signature says Sonny with a Chance.selling some gross cafeteria food like Mac and Sneeze! Tiffany laughed so hard during this skit they had to tape it again.. One was with a Clay Aiken character and Allisyn asks for his autographs. Near the end Sterling said something like, “When I agreed to be part of the So Random cast is was on two conditions, one I get to say Watch Mackenzie falls, Thursdays 8 central 9 Pacific and two I get to introduce Mac Kenzie Falls’ biggest fan, Tony Hawk.A rival show called Mac Kenzie Falls shoots on the same lot.

Sonny comes to LA to star in a show called So Random.No one watches the show for the sketches, and without Demi, the show will be missing a vital ingredient that made it a success in the first place.Sterling Knight and Tiffany Thornton will have no one to bounce their insanity off of and it will be a total mess.With Demi in treatment, SWAC fans wondered what would happen with season 3. Well on February 1st 2011, we attended the first taping of season 3 of Sonny With a Chance!We arrived at the studio with several friends who were in our group. Then they came by and said the audience is going to be on camera now and on the same level as the set!

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