Samsung smart tv web browser keeps updating

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Right now (March 2015) I am seeing a notification about Samsung ending some "Premier" service on April 1. I can't begin to express how annoying, aggravating and frustrating it is to have something disrupt the show I am watching - particularly with my family and I have to scramble to find the stupid remote to make it go away. The last time this happened was a few months ago with a notification that "Smart hub just got better". Also, you can turn off the notifications anytime you want. No need to vent at a companies product, if you choose not to learn how to use it.

Since, my last little rant I've had another update, I downloaded it and the update gave me another reason to dislike Samsung EVEN more.

Since updating, I can't access Smart Hub right after turning TV on, If I do I get onscreen message that says "Smart Hub is updating please try later"..I now have to wait about 1 minute then Smart Hub will load.

that these TV's did not have when purchased and by adding these "features/updates"? I use the tv exclusively for Netflix and blu ray movies, I don't have cable or satellite.

I also watch NFL Gamepass streamed through my computer and occasionally youtube.

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