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Finally, one of them, I think it was Lorena, got up and pulled up her skirt, straddling in reverse, so her snatch was facing me.I could see his shaft disappear into her shaved slit, her sister rubbing her clit while she bounced up and down on his crotch.Looking to the side, Lorena found her place between Triss' legs and began tugging at his zipper, playfully opening his pants.I watched her while I felt her sister lick along my slit, her tongue trying to get inside me without really knowing what to do there.During the years I've known Martina, we've shared many of our hottest, darkest and most secret fantasies, and so I wasn't particularly surprised when she started talking about wanting to try an orgy.Now, she didn't exactly call it that, her idea was more along the line of "getting used as a public fuck slut by anyone for anything", so I think "orgy" fits quite well.The young vampire at my crotch wasn't getting anywhere, though.

Martina didn't have any costume at hand, so we went through my wardrobe to find something fitting for her.

Myself, I wore a tight corset my friend Stefania had given me once, along with fishnet stockings and the shortest, skimpiest leather skirt I could find, cutting little slits into it to make it even more revealing while it was already barely covering my buttocks.

I put on makeup as well, using deep reds for my lips and eyeshadow and purples for eyeliner and squiggly lines around my eyes.

They wore tight black latex mini-dresses and matching stockings, their faces covered with stark black makeup and bright red lipstick.

"Hello," one of them purred as they stood in front of us, bending forward to give a better look at her nicely shaped cleavage. "Sure," I said, pulling up one leg to give them a little glimpse at my bare muff.

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