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Returning to the real world, Anthony and Ian discover that, due to their changes to Anthony's embarrassing video, they have become famous, turning the video into the "Clone Fight" video; in which they met the President of the United States, created a movie, a TV show, and more.

Through this, Ian is dating Butt Massage Girl, Ian's parents live with them, Anthony has several girlfriends (who he immediately gets rid of because he only wants Anna), they live in a much bigger and better house, and Steve "You-too-bay" is now a pizza delivery man.

Anthony figures out that Ian was the one who recorded and uploaded the video.

Steve explains that the only way to fix the video is by literally going inside You Tube through a portal and changing the video from the inside.

They then began to post videos on You Tube in the fall of 2005 and received massive popularity, notably for their videos of them lipsyncing to various theme songs with their lipsync to the theme song being at one point the most-viewed video on You Tube before being taken down from copyright.

They have over 20 million subscribers and over 6 billion total views on their videos, with their most-viewed video having over by itself.

The channel has gone through three periods of being the most subscribed channel on You Tube (May to June 2006, April 2007 to September 2008, January to August 2013), and they are now currently the third most subscribed channel that isn't related to You Tube.

Their success has allowed the duo to branch out into other types of content videos, such as animation (), gaming (Smosh Games), a variety of other series and outtakes (their second channel), and translating their videos into different languages (El Smosh, Smosh France).

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