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They hail from Bulgaria, and were originally used to guard livestock from thieves and wild animals.They’re a very popular breed within the United States and are still used to this day in Bulgaria.They form very strong bonds with their owners, and will defend them to the bitter end.

Don’t let their medium size fool you, because similar to the Caucasian Shepherd, this breed was used to hunt wild bears.Image Source This breed, with its beautifully fluffy fur coat, has some very strong characteristics that make it among the best guard dogs out there.With a temperament that combines alertness, familial devotion, and loyalty, they are sure to be a family favorite in addition to their duties of protecting the home.Image Source With its common nickname, the “Swissy”, you may think that this dog is just a big old lovable cuddler, and in a family environment, you would be right.That aside, their size and power makes them one of the better intruder-deterrants that you could have for your home.

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