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We lived a comfortable if not extravagant existence. I loved him because he was a stern but loving symbol of stability.

He provided an effective image of manhood for me to emulate. She was washing her pussy, cleaning out the remnants of tonight’s sex. I watched as she used both hands to smooth her pussy hair. Then she ran her finger in her pussy, pulled it out and licked it. I barely made it back before I heard her padding barefoot across the hall.

Or maybe he was expressing horror at the banalities of life that he had to witness. Most men spend their lives looking for a woman who remind them of mom so they can fuck her. The plane was a 727, the workhorse of the airlines in those days. On a 727 that meant tons of legroom in the three across seats.

Neither of them knew that on their noisier nights I would press my sweating brow against the common wall of our bedrooms. I would hear the staccato slapping of flesh on flesh.

I would stroke my tumescent member frantically, matching their rhythm.

My mom, Jamie, and dad, John, had dragged me along. Weakly I braced myself against the toilet and struggled to my feet. Many nights I had whacked off to the sounds of their lovemaking.

Even though I never met my grandmother they felt family needed to be there. I chewed hard on the towel in my mouth, extracting the last vestiges of honey. I had grown skilled at finding mom’s panties from those nights.

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