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Advising office at my college arranged for school to waive my tuition. He graciously offered to hire me to do IT work for him when I knew nothing on the subject and he did not even have an opening. When I was leaving the company, he took me to Playboy Mansion on his own dime. He did this not because of my skill set or because he owed me anything. After my training, I started practicing pick up skills within my dorm rooms, classrooms and at my work place.

I never went to work but the school still paid my tuition and boarding which is ,000 a year. After I graduated, I moved to Los Angeles to make a film. Savoy did this simply because of our relationship and because he is a very generous man who takes care of his people! Due to the nature of these venues, I built friendship before initiating sex.

In September of 2007, I went to my college for a visit. I started going out night after night to restart my dating life. I was sleeping with good-looking women but they were not my type or personality.

On the way back to the parking lot, I ran into this beautiful woman with whom I had a One Night Stand in the past. She called later and asked me to join her for a pleasure party. It was fun and I was meeting lot of beautiful women. For the first time I realized the value of having an active lifestyle.

Hey Mate, If you are on this page, you are probably looking for information to: Build a circle that is abundant in the type of woman you want to meet and date.

You are eager to build a vast social group that actually values you and likes to do things with you.

I sat down and wrote down everything that I had to do during college time to form an entourage of men and a harem of women.

The minute I started writing the road map to my new life I realized that things were not that different.

The information and the techniques in these videos are so potent that they could end up hurting my reputation.

I was now using “Social Circle Game” without any formal training.

I started taking classes and joining organizations that allowed me to meet the kind of women I find attractive.

In addition, once again I had friends who were doing things for me just like old times.

At this point, I realized that lot of men could benefit from possessing this formula to enhance their sex and dating life. I will be the first one to admit that on numerous occasions you will find me teach how to manipulate social dynamics to form and control a social circle .

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