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As for her own profile, the actress is keeping things breezy and easy.“My profile says ‘Let’s eat pizza,’” she shared, also noting that if you want to go out with Lizzie Mc Guire, then don’t bring a shirtless mirror selfie to the table.

That’s what people want now." Bradford agrees, “It’s a classy app.

"The whole process is wildly addicting."PHOTOS: Hilary Duff Has a Major Hair Shake-Up So what’s the reaction been to her on Tinder? I think some people act like they don't know but they do.

"I think some people know," she said about her fame. And a lot of people are like, 'This is a joke, right? Someone who looks like they like to do fun things and someone who can make you laugh in their profile. I've had a lot of convos because of that."But the revelations didn't stop there.

It’s for people with high standards," though she denies having created "Tinder For Snobs." “If you look at where people meet their significant others, it’s through work, it’s through friends of friends, it’s through college and all of those are very vetted, curated communities, so I don’t see why a dating app wouldn’t employ the same methods.”Best of luck to Duff as she ploughs through the increasingly terrible realm of trying to date in L.

Stop hanging around outside of film sets and award shows in the hopes of meeting your celebrity crush—your best bet might just be online dating.

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A.’s “Valentine in the Morning” radio show on Tuesday. To shake things up, Duff joined Tinder — and is heading out on her very first date with a “normie” tonight.

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