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Originally titled Hadaka No Shima, the film was also released as Naked Island.The film depicts a small family, a husband and wife and two sons, struggling to get by on a tiny island in the Seto Inland Sea, over the course of a year.The release also arrives with a 32-page illustrated booklet featuring an essay by Acquarello, and a reprint of film critic and scholar Joan Mellen's interview with Kaneto Shindo from Voices from the Japanese Cinema.In Japanese, with optional English subtitles for the main feature. The film follows closely a family of four living on a small island in the Setonaikai archipelago. It almost seems like it exist in a different era -- there is no drinking water, electricity, or another human being the father (Taiji Tonoyama), the mother (Nobuko Otowa) and their two boys (Shinji Tanaka and Masanori Horimoto) can talk to.

The beautiful panoramic shots from the island, in particular, are simply stunning.The titular island in this Japanese domestic drama is an agrarian flyspeck, almost completely cut off from contact with the mainland.Here the island's residents mechanically go through their everyday farming tasks.They must repeatedly carry the water for their plants and themselves in a row boat from a neighboring island...For more about The Naked Island and the The Naked Island Blu-ray release, see the The Naked Island Blu-ray Review published by Winner of the Grand Prix at the Moscow International Film Festival, Kaneto Shindo's "Hadaka no shima" a.k.a.

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But the plants in the fields next to the shack where the family lives have to be irrigated the family's survival depends on them. When it is time to eat, they bring the food to the table and later on quickly clean up.

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