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Unfortunately, it breaks a lot of mods designed to run on version mod teams will have updated their mods to run on the latest version, but if you want to dig into the archives you'll need to roll back.This new version is as controversial as its predecessors, letting you lead a life of crime, shoot police officers, drink and drive, and have sex with prostitutes.It features pole dancers and lap dancers at a men's club and is laced with profane language that pushes the envelope (much of it peppered throughout the over 100 songs played on car radios in the game).ENB's advanced shaders and lighting tweaks transform GTA 4's outdated visuals into something palatable, or even exceptional if you have a few texture packs installed. The vivid colouration, high contrast and super-bright midday effects can be a bit much.Luckily, there are plenty of variants to choose from.Always check the Read Me of the mod you're installing for a run down of unique installation instructions.Back up everything: I've had GTA 4 running with dozens of mods working together without it exploding too much. At one point Nico tumbled upwards into the sky and started spawning flying taxis two kilometers above Liberty City.

The further down the list we go, the stranger the mods get.

Some of the instructions below might seem complicated, but installing a mod tends to be a matter of dragging and dropping new files into your GTA 4 directory.

There is a bit of housekeeping to consider first, though.

Choose your patch: is the latest patch for GTA 4.

That's the one that Steam will automatically update to.

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If you want to know how to jump around New York as the Incredible Hulk, skip down a few steps.

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