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Additionally Cricket and Grasshopper may represent our higher senses – that which connects us to the Angels, Devas and the divine.As we develop that connection we can also learn to trust our instincts more deeply.This provides Cricket Spirit with the symbolism of sensitivity and intuitiveness.Though Grasshoppers have shorter antennae, they get the job done.When these powerful insects show up in your Spirit Animal Meditation or your awareness the time to speak your truth and sing your own song has arrived.If this intimidates you, try learning Shamanic breathwork.In examining Cricket & Grasshopper symbolism and meanings, we cannot overlook modern medias influence.

Cricket & Grasshopper people do not tolerate fools well.

Have your dreams been ones of predicting the future? Cricket and Grasshopper hop into your awareness to let you know this is natural. While all this is very exciting, Cricket & Grasshopper also remind you to stay grounded during your adventure. Crickets & Grasshoppers are notorious for their ‘nature symphonies’.

Like Frogs, Grasshoppers & Crickets are not afraid to sing their unique soul song.

If we work with Cricket we must be honest with ourselves and realistic in our expectations. Then there is the often quoted “Patience young grasshopper”. Master Po referred to his young student, Kwai Chang Caine, as “Grasshopper”.

So, in modern society, ‘Grasshopper’ has come to symbolize a young person who is just learning a new craft or starting out on a new path or journey.

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This may be white people throughout Europe and Asia wear Cricket amulets and talismans for protection against the evil eye and improved luck.

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