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Lee developed radical religious convictions that advocated celibacy and the abandonment of marriage, as well as the importance of pursuing perfection in every facet of life.She differed from the Quakers, who, though they supported gender equality, did not believe in forbidding sexuality within marriage.They often stayed in the homes of local sympathizers, such as the Benjamin Osborn House near the New York - Massachusetts line.There were also songs attributed to her which were sung without words.In England, Ann Lee rose to prominence by urging other believers to preach more publicly concerning the imminent second coming, and to attack sin more boldly and unconventionally.

Her difficult pregnancies and the loss of four children were traumatic experiences that contributed to Ann Lee's dislike of sexual relations.Ann Lee preached to the public and led the Shaker church at a time when few women were religious leaders.Ann Lee's father, John Lees, was a blacksmith during the day, and a tailor at night.Maintaining the position that they were pacifists, Ann Lee and her followers did not side with either the British or the colonists.Ann Lee opened her testimony to the world's people on the famous Dark Day in May 1780, when the sun disappeared and it was so dark that candles had to be lighted to see indoors at noon.

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She believed in and taught her followers that it is possible to attain perfect holiness by giving up sexual relations.

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