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The game scripting also skips the portion of this code that allows players to be rewarded for completing Perfect Insane Stunts (Insane Stunts of any degree completed without causing any damage to the vehicle the player used).Both of these can be fixed with knowledge of the games' internal scripting language and the relevant tools.Another cut FBI vehicle is the FBI Car from GTA Vice City, completely redesigned.The overall look of this vehicle would be recycled for the LVPD police car, but some interesting notes about this car is that the siren is located in the back, there are lights on the grille, and uses the VCPD police car interior from Vice City. The game has a huge amount of unused content within it as well as evidence of other features that were removed or changed during its development cycle.

There are a number of differences between the PC version of the game and the console (PS2 and XBox) versions - most of these appear to be simple omissions, however several mods exist that re-implement some of these features.Note that in the mission Lure itself, a normal Rancher is used.Residual coding from the console versions of the game means that code exists in the PC version that allows 2-players to play against each other at the pool mini game which can be found in the game's bars - this is disabled but is easily re-enabled through the games' proprietary scripting language in the files.This feature was dropped during development but eventually made its way into Rockstar's subsequent game Bully.The following text, from the file, describes how it would have been used - from the naming convention of these text strings, it can be assumed that the item would first appear instead of the bicycle when leaving Madd Dogg's mansion towards the end of the Madd Dogg's Rhymes mission;- To use the skateboard, select the it from your weapons inventory. Tapping ~k~~PED_SPRINT~ helps you pick up speed and ~k~~PED_JUMPING~ makes you jump.

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