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If you want either one of you to maintain your dignity, tell him the truth.

Keep it short and sweet, quotes Stephany Alexander, relationship expert at You don’t need to give him every reason that you want to end the relationship – just name one or two main problems and be done with it.

And just weeks later, it has now been claimed that Chloe is a single lady once more, as she and her on-off beau are said to have gone their separate ways.

A source told The Sun Online: 'At first, Jon and Chloe were totally back on - he went on holiday with her family and everything.

If the sociopath gets mad, say, “Sorry,” but don’t fight back.

Say, “I don’t know what’s come over me.” Have long phone conversations with…people the sociopath hates.

Hold onto that one phrase uttered by the sociopath that is so unusual we can’t comprehend it. Throw it out – put it on the street – whatever it is. Block them in our phones, email, and all social media. Delete IP addresses of computers that aren’t ours – Then change our password. It makes us the polar opposite of what they look for in their prey. We’ve collapsed, erased, eviscerated their world and their existence. You do not want to get into an all-out fight with a sociopath when the sociopath feels like his survival is threatened.Leverage their needs, vanity, self-obsession and cold, emotionless heart to get them out. Remove the objects that come with us: money, cars, meal preparation, the internet, cable, errand running, credit cards. Doubt will come in waves – our human, trusting, loving hearts try to rationalize the insanity of what happened. A sociopath’s “normal” is lying – they do not love.. Base everything we do, every decision we make while escaping on what’s best for our lives, our safety and well being. Become a helpless, emotionless, reactionless burden. Start being contrary, without being openly defiant.Don’t doubt it even with confusion spinning our minds. Lean towards that clarity, keep breathing, trust our guts and break away safely. Pretend you’re tired, sick, depressed, say you forgot your keys; be incompetent, but make everything seem like an accident.

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