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In 2006, Intel's microprocessor facility alone was responsible for 20% of Costa Rican exports and 4.9% of the country's GDP.

Thus today Costa Rica has a vast army of young aspiring professionals who are well-educated, qualified and making their way up in sectors like financial services, electronics and information technology.

Most of its attractions revolve around the national parks, volcanoes, beaches and nature reserves that the country boasts of.

Also Costa Rica was among the first countries in the world to promote ecotourism and even today it boasts of natural attractions which have been largely kept to their pristine condition.

This is not only because the country is a coastal paradise, but also because it has been consistently ranked high in human development indices among nations of similar resources.Costa Ricans, from all strata of society, are very fond of dancing and so if you really want to catch the eye of a suitable single, make sure you have brushed up your salsa and merengue moves pretty well.Frequent the wealthy neighborhoods Another good idea if you want to meet millionaire single men would be to frequent the neighborhoods where they live.Try to gain access to exclusive country clubs and recreational facilities where members of this class are likely to hang out.Also frequent social dos hosted by agricultural associations and business groups where you are sure to make the acquaintance of a successful and single entrepreneur in Costa Rica. Professional men on their way to becoming millionaires In recent years, along with tourism, the economy of Costa Rica has been propelled by growth of the financial and information technological services sectors.

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