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Starting the 1891 campaign the rights were granted to all males above 25 years, which increased the number of potential voters from 0.8m to 4.8m, the latter figure corresponding to 27% of the entire population.

Spanish elections of the Restauración are marked by 2 distinct features: turnismo and caciquismo.

The Spanish electoral system of the Restauración period envisioned that 1 deputy should represent around 50.000 inhabitants.

The lower and the only fully electable chamber of the legislative, Congreso de los Diputados, was composed of around 400 deputies.

Accommodating themselves to political framework of the Alfonsine monarchy, the movement leaders considered elections, and especially elections to Congreso de los Diputados, primary vehicle of political mobilization.

Though Carlist minority in the Cortes remained marginal and its impact on national politics was negligible, electoral campaigns were key to sustain the party until it regained momentum during the Second Spanish Republic.

According to the turnista routine, elections were organized by one of two rotating pre-appointed parties, Conservatives and Liberals, to ensure their parliamentary majority; the objective was achieved by a wide range of manipulations known as pucherazos.

Fluctuating fortunes of the movement at the polls stemmed to a large extent from their wavering performance in Navarre.

In contrast, organic compounds are found in biological systems.

The final years of 1920-1923 are marked by reduction of the minority.

Another breakup within the movement, the Mellista secession, devastated Carlism, with a huge number of leaders and regional jefes joining the breakaways.

Initially the Carlists preferred not to compete on an ideology-driven program and limited themselves to arguing that only Traditionalism would be a genuine representative of local interests in Madrid.

materialized as support for the Fueristas in the 1880s, local regional alliances of the 1890s, Solidaritat Catalana of 1907 or Alianza Foral of the 1920s.

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