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So, a simple beta male definition is this: betas are the secondary class of men in society. Or, at the very least they want to receive a piece of what first place has: relationships with hot women, financial success, and leadership roles.

They receive second place in leadership roles, relationship successes, business achievements, and other endeavors. The whole alpha or beta discussion weighs heavily on them because they want more out of life. Perhaps you’ve seen them in co-workers, family, and friends. When I was in graduate school I attended a smaller church and they asked me to do all kinds of things, like counting the collection money.

And, while that’s true to some degree, guys can also fit into broad categories, based on certain traits.

While the terms are controversial for a variety of reasons, you can use “alpha,” “beta,” and “omega” to categorize males.

Beta males are the prototypical “nice guy”: passive, non-assertive, follower, etc. However, never being at the top at work, in sports, and with women, can be frustrating.

If you think of how women often behave with one another (non-sexually and as friends), that is how beta males behave.

One of the biggest beta male characteristics we see is complete frustration when it comes to getting into a relationship.

However, beta guys forget that pretty much everybody is “nice.” If nice is all you have going for you then, you are just boring and lacking confidence.

Neither of those traits are attractive, and neither are qualities that great leaders have.

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These relate to their basic worldview and how they relate to women.

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