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Her earliest memories are flickers of tension: parents fighting, a crying mother, an absent father.

When her mother, Svetlana, decided to leave her husband, Yana was thrilled to have a home without tears.

The following information applies to the most recent time Russia was open for U. It was not until the early 1990's that foreign families began bringing adopting children from Russia. Only a very limited number of child adoption agencies have been approved to finalize adoption paperwork in Russia and you will find yourself either working directly with one of these few Russian accredited child adoption agencies or, most likely, you will end up working with a U. licensed child adoption agency that sub-contracts with a Russian accredited agency. It is legal for both single persons and couples to adopt a Russian child but, in practice, it is very difficult for single males to adopt in Russia while single females generally have no difficulty.

Russia is geographically one of the largest countries in the world and in every region in Russia children and sibling groups are available for adoption.

I am ready to find my perfect love."Years in the Russian matchmaking industry had trained her well.

Few could afford or arrange it, and increasing instability brought a rise in crime, city by city. Yana, her mother and her younger sister lived in a first-floor apartment with bars on the windows and a door reinforced with metal.

When Yana was 16, armed men ransacked the place after threatening to shoot her 8-year-old sister if she did not open the door.

Svetlana planned to take both of her daughters to the United States, but Yana had difficulty getting a student visa.

She was confident, though, that she would follow them in a few months. After passing her school exams, she started working at one of the many matchmaking agencies that had opened in Yekaterinburg, and life was, for the time being, tolerable. She obsessed about her diminishing marriage prospects."In Russia, 26 is an old maid," she explained.

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It was six years before she secured the right paperwork and was able to leave Russia. "My mother kept telling me to relax, that in America, 26 is still very young. I wanted to be married, start a family, finally arrive."Through, she met Alireza, 37. His family had come to this country just as the Ayatollah was being welcomed in the streets of Tehran.

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